Niall and the Irish Pirates – Irish Historical Fiction

Niall and the Irish Pirates – Irish Historical Fiction

Book Synopsis

“Niall and the Irish Pirates” is the first in a trilogy about Niall of the Nine Hostages and his descendants. It is an Irish historical fiction book inspired by the legends associated with Niall, an ancient high king of Ireland (Photo by L.M. Hoskins).

By the year 355 CE, the Roman Empire had expanded westward first conquering Gaul (France) and then Briton. The Romans then ventured northward in an attempt to conquer Alba (Scotland) before continuing westward to conquer the adjacent emerald isle called Eriu (Ireland).

Torna knew from the moment he found the abandoned newborn baby in the deep forests that he was being protected and guided by the forest spirits for some great task. Would the baby become savior for the people of Eriu and stop the Roman Empire from their ever-expanding reign of tyranny? Torna only knew that he and his wife were to do their part and raise the child as their own and they named him Niall. Niall’s path was up to the spirits of the oak trees who were involved in the destiny of all.

Book Reviews

“Among the best of historical fiction. The scholarship is impeccable, and the imagination is enchanting. This book is an excellent entrée to the lore of ancient Ireland, while being an easy and entertaining read.” Amazon Customer Novermber 4, 2016

“I read this book on my Kindle and it was a fast read. It is about ascendancy to the throne and the competition between half siblings and the fortunes of Nialls mother in comparison to the mother who was the mother of the seemingly rightful heirs. The new King (Niall) unifies all the other sub kingdoms and commences an enterprise of piracy of the future England and France. This book was well written and had intrigue, Witchcraft, and what I assumed were keepers of the forest (Leprichans). If you like stories about fantasy and the triumph of good over evil, you will enjoy this book. I gave three stars because it was well written but not really my cup of tea. I would recommend for a bit of fun reading to allow one to suspend their sense of reality and escape into a world of fantasy.” – By Anthony T. Riggioon October 7, 2015

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